Monday 13 April 2015

Trademark Registration In Dubai

trademark registration in dubai

trademark is a part of business.trademark services will help a business running smoothly.
that means we can secure a business or brand or product with the help of trademark registration,patent registration and copyright registration.

alraqeem is an intellectual property service providing company in the middle east dubai.

How to register a trademark in dubai

a lot of business or brand holders are already registered their trademarks in dubai.
some of other peoples are registering their own trademarks,some of others trying to register a trademark from other countries.
why did they all looking for a trademark registration in dubai or middle east???
because uae is a business city.a lot of business are running in is the most heart place of uae.
alraqeem company is located in dubai,sheikh zayed road.
more than 34,000 trademarks application filed with alraqeem

Trademark registration process

There are separated by 3 types
* New application
* Renewal
* Transfer of ownership

If you need a new trademark application you should fill the form of trademark registration.
passport copy of the managing director
A copy trade or business license. (If from foreign company it must be legalized up to UAE Consulate.)
then you need to represent a good logo or design 15 Prints  6x7cm .u can also send your logo or design via email in JPEG format.
and then a description and meaning of your logo
List of goods / services.
For the purpose of priority claim, true copy of the same trademark registration certificate or true copy of pending home / foreign application for registering the same trademark (if any).

If you need a renewal of your trademark service you need A Power of Attorney, notarized in favor of Al Raqeem Intellectual Property. (If from foreign company it must be legalized up to UAE Consulate.)
Passport copy of the Managing Director.
A copy trade or business license. (If from foreign company it must be legalized up to UAE Consulate.)
A copy of the trademark registration certificate.

if you want to transfer of  your ownership then please submit A Notarized Transfer of Ownership Agreement.
Passport Copy of the Authorized signatories.
Trade or business license of both parties.
A copy of the trademark registration certificates.

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